Multi-instrumentalist and composer Ashley Kampta has been active in music since the age of 8, learning piano, drum kit, bass guitar and guitar. He started composing at 13 using computers and software, and later went on to take GCSE and A-Level exams in Music, as well as obtain a degree in Music Technology from Brunel University in Uxbridge, England in 2005. He also has six years’ experience as a Music Director.

In 2006, Ashley composed the score and designed sound effects for the animated short Dunebreaker, by Mohammad AlHuraiz, who is currently a member of UAE game development team Zombie Camel Games.

In 2008, Ashley composed the score to the short film Hammer and Nails, by Emirati director and animator Hamad Mansoor Alawar, which was screened at the Dubai International Film Festival 2008 and Gulf Film Festival 2008.

Ashley has created instrumental parts for the debut EP Elson Official for the London-based singer-songwriter Elson, as well as producing and mixing the EP. He has also mixed, mastered and provided music tracks for a rap album from North-West London artist IceMage, and has mixed and mastered the recently-released EP of the North-West London rap collective Royal Flush Musique. Ashley’s musical influences are wide-ranging, from classical, to rock, jazz and the music of different cultures. Ashley is currently studying composition with Emmy-award winning film and TV composer Glenn Jordan.

Ashley also has a long relationship with the Notting Hill Orchestra for Film Music in London. He has conducted the orchestra for performances of several of his pieces including Quest for Pie, Honour and Reputation, and his latest orchestral piece, Struggle for Freedom.

Ashley continues to compose and teach, most recently in collaboration with the Dotted Note School of Music in Watford.