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Unholy Retribution

This is a character theme I created for a cancelled fighting game. The theme went with a young goth character called Galliant DuNoir, who hung around in a church graveyard and wanted revenge on another of the fighters for some wrongdoing at an earlier point before the immediate events of the fighting game. Galliant wanted justice but was going about it in all the wrong ways. The title alludes to the character’s stage being a church graveyard, his desire for justice and revenge, and his misguided ways of planning to get that revenge. The soundtrack to the Guilty Gear series of games was my main inspiration in creating this track.

The hallmarks of a fighting game soundtrack are present here: high energy, relentless rhythm, and a short track length that seamlessly loops, due to the fast pace and short duration of typical fighting game battles. Orchestral instruments and a pipe organ were used to convey the atmosphere of a church and the fusion of these instruments with metal guitars portrayed the nature of the character and his unique game environment.

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