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Quest for Pie

Allow me to introduce our plucky, but unfortunately nameless protagonist. It’s midnight, he’s hungry, and the only thing that will satisfy him is pie. So begins a musical tale of despair, suspense and ultimate triumph chronicling one man’s epic quest to fill his belly. It begins with his decision to embark on his quest, followed by the start of his adventure, before suffering through disaster as things end up not going as he had planned. However, he resolves to continue on before enduring a cliffhanger after which his quest ultimately proves to be successful.

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Journey’s End

Journey’s End is a theme that was intended to be reminiscent of the themes to animated 2D platform or adventure games. Despite the title, this theme could have possible uses as an ending theme, a main theme, a location theme or a character theme, owing to its prominent melodies. Anime soundtracks and the strong melodies of the film composer John Williams were my main influences here.

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