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This ambient track with orchestral elements was composed over two days. The title was mainly inspired by the piano patterns, but also by the structure of the music and the reliance on one or two main ideas coming back repeatedly. After the first section, the middle section employs a change of pace and mellower feel, before returning to a darker restatement of the beginning idea with more orchestral elements, building to a climax with a strong brass melody before fading out to end.

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Hammer and Nails

This is the full official soundtrack to the film Hammer and Nails, by Hamad Alawar. The film is available to view on the Videos page.

Hammers and nails are relatively small things, but with Hamad’s use of perspective, the struggle depicted in this film was presented on a larger-than-life scale. I wanted the score to reflect that, so I primarily used orchestral instruments and voices for a cinematic quality, layering these instruments with synthesised textures to add more depth and weight to the melodic instruments while creating a sense of ambience and foreboding.

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